Director’s Message

The 21st century is a century of innovation and entrepreneurship,this decade has been a period of mergers and acquisitions seen in the Pharmaceutical industries globally. India is amongst the global leaders in providing quality generics to the world and is gearing up for the next level of growth driven by shift towards specialty products,customer centricity,and focus on improving quality.The Indian pharmaceutical industry has undoubtedly emerged as a hub for quality healthcare, extensive research, cost effective clinical study all of which have contributed in transforming the business scenario. India has a vast pool of intellectuals with opened up avenues at every step of research and drug discovery and we at Shanti College Of Pharmacy would like to take the lead in imparting the necessary skills and knowledge essential to excel in this environment. Our execution of Pharmacy programs is focused on one to one teaching learning experience each and every candidate has an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skillset. Our focus is on their holistic development, through a judicious blend of co-curricular and extracurricular activities,this is facilitated by our talented and enthusiastic faculty. The teaching pedagogy followed is interactive in nature with emphasis on hands on training and skill development.