Principal Message

Dr Rajesh Singh Jadon

Welcome to Shanti College of Pharmacy nowgong Chhatarpur (MP).
The institution has all mandatory recognition and approval from AICTE (New Delhi), RGPV, DTE (Bhopal) and PCI (New Delhi) respectively.
We are pleased to say that, apart from D. Pharm course. The pharmacy education in our country has witnessed tremendous expansion in last one decade for the betterment of pharmacy education this is a need of the hour to initiate an academic exercise aimed at attaining and revamping of curriculum, keeping in pace with current and emerging trends in the field of pharmacy.

Pertaining to achieve the professional mainstreams, the institution has shown phenomenal growth in academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Considerable investment in the institute has been made over the last couple of years in order to meet the growing demands and challenges. The institution has dedicated skilled staff, excellent library and instrumentation facilities which laid down the conducive environment of subject learning and inculcate to professionalism through the promotion of attending of seminars, symposia, conferences, and workshops to meet the challenges of pharmacy field.

We do hope, in times to come, college will mold the future of the pharmacy students such that anyone needing the best of the pharmacist, would prefer to have such products of the institute and the outgoing students of the college will have a confidence that their future is secured which is the need of the day.  Let Almighty help us in our endeavor.